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Skin For Life

Nue Skin 50 Plus Microdermabrasion Machine

Nue Skin 50 Plus Microdermabrasion Machine $2,495.00

--100% Organic Grains + 120 grit Aluminum oxides (White Crystals 99.96% pure)

Skin for Life Listens.   We had a huge demand from licensed professionals wanting to use both 100% organic grains and aluminum oxides (120 grit pure white crystals), however they also wanted a small and compact microdermabrasion machine.

Well we did it! The Nue Skin 50 plus Microdermabrasion machine is compact and easy to use with a touch of a selector switch that may guide you from left to right or from right to left. Gives a licensed professional a chance to customize their treatments when working with sensitive, dark, oily, sun damaged, aging, or mild to severe scarring.

100% organic grains is a beautiful way to incorporate an exfoliation into various skin treatments. One option for treatment success is to perform a crystal microdermabrasion and finish with organic grains to polish, smooth, and blend for an even complexion. 100% organic grains may be used as the primary treatment for sensitive and darker skin colors, or as preparation for other cosmetic procedures.

Crystals of 120 grit are the most efficient way to affect areas of the skin that need retexturing. It is our opinion that the absolute best way to minimize wrinkles, fine lines, scarring, and superficial pigmentation marks safely and effectively without indirectly causing long term damage is through a crystal application.

The beautiful thing about our Nue Skin Microdermabrasion Machines is the ability to adjust vacuum and crystal flow. The esthetician and/or spa professional may analyze skin and select the appropriate setting for skin success.

Licensed professionals also have the ability to select the appropriate microdermabrasion hand piece for their client's skin results. Estheticians may use multiple hand pieces to customize their skin treatment by using the selector switch from left to right or right to left, when moving from organic grains to aluminum oxides for an effective skin treatment.

Nue Skin 50 Plus Microdermabrasion equipment includes LED Light Therapy:

LED hand pieces:

(1) Red Light Therapy hand piece (Large) - Repair - Revives dull + damaged skin, helps improve skin texture, color, and tone while diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

(1) Blue Light Therapy hand piece (Large) - Recover - Shows improvement with inflamed and non inflamed oily/troubled skins. L.E.D. Light Therapy creates a safe environment for managing overactive oily skins. 

LED Benefits:

Safe and effective for any skin type
Comfortable, non-invasive, no down time, quick, convenient & adaptable
Ability to use a variety of hand pieces: Red, Blue, and Yellow to treat various skin types and conditions and increase your service offerings substantially
High profit return, no consumables

Nue Skin 100 plus Microdermabrasion Machine

Nue Skin 100 plus Microdermabrasion Machine $2,995.00

The performance is equivalent to our Nue Skin 50, 50 plus, and 100 microdermabrasion models. Nue Skin 100 plus was built to meet the demand of estheticians that did not need a high performance motor, but still wanted a serious skin machine.

This microdermabrasion machine gives you all the options of our Nue Skin 500 deluxe microdermabrasion machine, but with a better price point. This is the perfect solution for licensed professionals that are starting a new spa business or do not need the extra power for their practice.

Our manufactured hand pieces give versatility to spa professionals performing various techniques of microdermabrasion to achieve clients and patients skin goals.

Organic Grains Yellow Hand Piece - specifically designed to perform with our 100% organic grains. The jet pulsing emissions of the grains exfoliates without causing excessive dermal inflammation, so this technique is best for sensitive and darker skins.

Crystal Blue Hand Piece - specifically designed for a general microdermabrasion application. The four porthole ceramic tip is hard enough to endure the constant release of an even flow of crystals. This is the perfect hand piece for your first application with most any skin that walks through the door.

Crystal Red Hand Piece - Target specific for deep wrinkles, mild to severe scarring, and superficial pigmentation marks. This hand piece is very progressive and for serious skin change.

Oxygen Infusion System - this is not the norm - this is chemistry. Our formulations are designed to interact with the stratum corneum and become bio available through the gap junctions of the skin. This is unique, but very effective and result oriented. Our formulations are skin specific, we have four treatment gels - antibacterial (oily, blemished, troubled skins), sensitive (temporary and chronic sensitive skin conditions, such as: rosacea, capillary distention, seborrheic dermatitis), brightening (melasma, chloasma, hyper pigmentation), A, C, E complex (mature, slacking skins, aging, and dull and tired skins). The magic is the Oxygen Infusion phase 2 + activator, this enhances the enzyme activity where the enzymes become the catalyst to breakdown the formulation into your skin's pure oxygen experience.

LED Light Therapy - technology gives us another tool to be proficient with assisting skin to change safely and effectively with healthy long term skin results.

RED LED Light Therapy Hand Piece - is the primary light that initiates the response with ATP (adenosine tri - phosphate), for cellular renewal, and enhance skin healing. Use minimum of 15 - 20 minutes directly on the skin.

BLUE Light Therapy - excellent to target oily, troubled, and blemished skin conditions. Always use as the secondary light to the RED LED Light therapy hand piece. May use an additional 10 - 15 minutes depending on the areas of concern.

This will maximize your menu of services and become a great adjunct to your other skin care performance products. Nue Skin 100 plus Microdermabrasion Machine gives you so many modalities at an affordable price.

Nue Skin 500 Deluxe Advanced Performance Microderm Machine

Nue Skin 500 Deluxe Advanced Performance Microderm Machine $3,495.00

A performance driven microdermabrasion machine sold to medical professionals, master estheticians, and physicians to specifically target more serious treatments. May be used as a preparation for IPL, LASER, and other adjuncts to providing skin change.

Along with the retexturing quality of crystals (aluminum oxides) 120 grit 99.96% pure, you will have the advantage of using 100% organic grains. The versatility of this microderm machine is astounding, Nue Skin 500 microdermabrasion allows you to build your menu with oxygen infusion and LED Light Therapy, making a unique individualized skin experience with each client and/or patient.

Oxygen Infusion Therapy -

Instant skin change starts with adding our Skin for Life oxygen infusion therapy to your treatment. This innovation in formulas will provide clarity, an even complexion, hydration, and a younger looking appearance.

Our Oxygen Infusion professional skin care products are driven to focus on skin conditions, such as: mature, aging, slacking skins, blemished, oily, over active oily skins, pigmentation marks, dark spots, hyper pigmentation, or excessive sun exposure. Our oxygen infusion skin care products are there to be specific to skin health.

LED Light Therapy -

Light therapy has been used in the esthetic and medical industry for many years for its regenerating, healing, and calming properties.

The balance between red and infra - red light therapy is noted for its stimulation with the ATP (adenosine triphosphate) that resides in the mitochondria. Once this is released the common response is to continue the energy for cell division.

Troubled skins and active oily skins see an enormous improvement with Blue LED Light Therapy. The focus is to manage the concerns that may be a contributing factor to over active oily skins, Blue LED Light assist the sebaceous gland with elevating the inflammation that may become a byproduct of prolonged healing of the areas of concern.

Red-Blue Light RED LED Light Therapy Hand Piece - Our RED LED Light Therapy has two different lights: RED LED Light is 680nm and Invisible Light (infrared) 880nm.

BLUE LED Light Therapy Hand Piece - BLUE LED Light Therapy is applied after the RED LED Light for minimum 10 minutes and maximum 15 minutes. Most licensed professionals see a tremendous result when managing oily and active skin conditions. Our BLUE LED Lights have 460nm and 5 invisible bulbs of infrared ranging from 880nm.

When using LED Light therapy, you may apply to clean skin before microcurrent, which stimulates a warm up response or to wake up the skin's senses. The LED Light application after microcurrent peaks the skin's response before serums and moisturizers to refresh, reinvigorate, and repair skin.

Crystals (aluminum oxide):

Is the most proficient way to retexture, refine, and to clarify the skin's appearance. Hands down it is the best material to give a mature skin, aging skin, slacking skin, scarred skin, and someone that has various pigmentation marks (melasma, chloasma, and hyper pigmentation) a new step in the right direction for better skin health, appearance, and overall a younger looking skin.

Organic grains - 100% walnut grains:

This is the best way to work with darker skins and sensitive skins without damaging and causing unnecessary friction that may lead to excessive pigment activity. An excellent way to use the organic grains is with a second pass to the skin after the first pass of aluminum oxides, so you may have the opportunity to refine, polish, and smooth the skin for youthful and glowing results.

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